Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical System

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If you own an older home or business property, you know there's always some sort of repair or renovation that needs to get done. While you're focused on roofing, flooring or siding, never let your dated electrical system slip through without improvements. For full-system electrical rewiring, turn to the experts at Davis Contracting & Design, LLC.

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We'll take a close look at your wires and outlets to see if a replacement is right for you.

What are the major benefits of electrical rewiring?

What are the major benefits of electrical rewiring?

Did you know that most electrical wiring has a lifespan of about 20 years? If you own a home or business property far older than that, it's likely time to consider new wiring. Invest in new electrical wiring to:

Keep you and your family or employees safe from electrical fires
Prepare your home for a remodel or addition
Reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill
Add resale value to your home
Reduce the chance of power outages

Even your existing appliances will work better and last longer when they're being fed the proper amount of power. If you believe your old home or business property needs an electrical upgrade, contact us right away for assistance.