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Most of our devices are useless without a fast and reliable network. When devices need to communicate with one another to be most effective, don't let your home's networking system hold them back. Davis Contracting & Design, LLC provides networking installations and repairs you can count on.

We can help you run networking cables, set up new devices and ensure everything is running properly. We install new devices like security cameras and strong WIFI networks with access points!

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Why should you consider a wired home network?

Why should you consider a wired home network?

While some devices like laptops, phones and tablets benefit from the portability and convenience of a wireless connection, there are still several reasons to use wired connections throughout your home. A wired network is:

Faster and more reliable than a wireless network
Less vulnerable to security threats
Easier to install and troubleshoot

Most experts recommend a healthy blend of both wired and wireless networking depending on the device and your desired use. Speak with us today if you need help determining the best networking solution for your home.