Is Your Home or Business Ready for Move-In Day?

We'll make sure all the wiring is safe and secure

Imagine stepping into your brand-new home or business property, dropping your bags, flipping on the light switch and-nothing happens. Don't let a faulty electrical system drain all of the fun and excitement out of your move. Davis Contracting & Design, LLC provides new construction electrical work to guarantee a home and/or business that's ready on day one.

Safety is always our top priority. We'll inspect every wire, outlet and panel to make sure everything is up to code.

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Build a solid and sturdy electrical system

Build a solid and sturdy electrical system

Your new home or business property is going to need to power a lot of modern appliances. At Davis Contracting & Design, LLC, we'll keep your needs in mind by:

Planning convenient locations for outlets
Boosting power output for home theaters and automated systems
Keeping the electrical system as efficient as possible
Customizing light switches and power outlets

Your home or building is meant to last for generations. With a well-designed and installed electrical system, you'll be ready for whatever new gadgets and appliances come your way.