Shed Light on Your Electrical Issues

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When nearly every device and appliance in your home or business is connected to power and internet, electrical issues can be a serious concern. If you need fast and effective electrical repair, contact the professionals at Davis Contracting & Design, LLC. We can fix any residential or commercial electrical issue with ease.

You can trust us to fix broken lights, faulty outlets and exposed wiring. We'll even replace old breakers and install new outlets where needed.

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Recognize the common signs that you need electrical repair

Recognize the common signs that you need electrical repair

You should consult an electrical contractor ASAP if you suspect electrical issues at your home or office. Look for these signs:

Flickering or dimming lights
Buzzing or sizzling noises
Burning odors
Visible sparks when you plug or unplug cords

You may even experience multiple shocks while plugging in an appliance. This is a serious issue. Rely on an experienced electrician to locate the source of your electrical problems and fix them right away.